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Forum bugs/Feedback

Information 22 Dec 2013
As you can tell, I've done an overhaul of the forum.   I am NOT done with it yet. I'll be updating stuff on the fly.   In this topic you can bugs you encounter, ranging from text being white on white, unreadable things etc. You can also post feedback about what you think might look nice...
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Cleaning Up Team Speak!

Information 22 Jun 2013
There is a crazy huge amount of people that are no longer around and I'm going to start removing a crap ton.  Trials/Bambis / Pv2 / PFC will have ALL removed as there are SOOOoooooo many of them and it will be easier to just reassign everyone the next time they log in.
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DayZ Standalone Information

Information 12 Jun 2013
Brought back out of archive after premature placement      Official DayZ Standalone Gameplay!!!
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DayzHorror Squad XML tutorial

Information 03 May 2013
Some of you may have heard from Squad XML, some might not. What is Squad XML? Squad XML will show information & a logo about the clan that you are in. I have been creating a Squad XML for DayzHorror. This way if we play on a public server, everyone can see where we come from. How do you get a...
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DayZ Sahrani Installation

Information 11 Feb 2013
Current Version : 0.2.1   THE MAP IS NOW ON DAYZCOMMANDER!   Filter on dayzhorror to find our server.       Enjoy playing .
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Gear replacement policy

Information 05 Jan 2013
Gear replacment policyLost gear will be replaced when:Your gear has been lost to a banned hacker.The server crashed and you lost your gear because of that.Your gear been lost because of BattlEye restrictions kick.Lost gear will not be replaced when:Your gear has been lost on spawnYour gear been l...
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